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The Ripple Effect

A 5 week knife crime education programme including

the virtual reality experience

"Virtually There"

Session 1:

A look into knife crime.

Session 2:

Push and pull factors of knife crime.

Session 3:

"Virtually There" VR experience and reflection.

Session 4:

The Ripple Effect. A look through the VR film but through

different eyes.

Session 5:

Carls Story: A talk through lived experience.

We offer this as we are aware of the statistics in the Adur and Worthing area regarding knife crime, and with young people having more access to social media, we need to inform them and raise awareness of knife crime. We have discussions with the young people in school in small groups. Our sessions contain personal stories and experiences as well as a virtual reality story of events where the young person can experience different characters' perspectives. 

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