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Meet the Team...

Paul Read

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Role at the Sid Youth: Director and Programme Lead

We have set up The Sid Youth to support young people and families living in our community. Having lived in the Adur

and Worthing area for 30 years I have seen the changes in support available to young people and families.


I have worked with young people and families for 17 years in a variety of roles including youth work, school behaviour team, Early Help keyworker, and most recently as a REBOOT youth coach.


I have experience of supporting those with complex and challenging needs including school refusal, family breakdown, the use of drugs and alcohol, mental health, and young people involved in crime or at risk of exploitation.


I enjoy working with a strength-based approach and helping young people overcome barriers and challenges they face but the main thing I believe in is to work with the young person rather than for the young person which helps to ensure they have ownership over the support they receive.

I strongly believe that the mentoring we offer really can help support young people in making and sustaining positive changes and educate them around some key subjects that are not always covered in school.

I'm really excited to be planning and creating different sessions that will benefit the young people in our community and believe that young people are the experts of their own lives and that at times everyone can need some support.

It is often said that young people are “making poor choices”. I believe that this can often be seen as a poor choice by adults but may in fact be the best choice the young person has at that time.

Ryan Loversidge


Role at the Sid Youth: Director and Programme Lead

I have lived and worked in the local area my whole life and want to help shape the future of what support to young people and families look like. I am involved in the development and delivery of all of the projects currently offered by The Sid Youth.


Over  the past 17 years I  have worked in a variety roles all related to children, young people and families. This includes Managing a near-to-school provision for students at risk of exclusion from mainstream school, Pastoral leader in a local mainstream high school, Youth worker for both local government and voluntary sector, Residential childcare officer in open and secure settings, Complex high-risk case manager, Leaving-care personal advisor, and more recently as a REBOOT Youth Coach.

During my career I have also spent time working abroad as a camp counsellor in the USA and volunteering to take UK students on overseas trips to support localised projects in India, Uganda and Malawi. This provided those students with life-changing experiences that will stay with them forever and shape not only who they are, but also who they will become in the future.

This varied set of roles has allowed for several professional development opportunities alongside personal growth that has helped me to develop into the worker I am today. I have played a major role in creating content for one-to-one and group work programmes that have been used across the county.  

I have spent the whole of my working life supporting children, young people and families. Many of whom had been identified as having complex needs, displayed challenging behaviour or needed advice and guidance to make positive changes moving forward. My motivation comes from a passionate belief that there are positives in everyone. Not all young people conform to societal norms and starting The Sid Youth now gives me flexibility in the approaches used to help those that need a bit more support in finding what’s there inside them.

Natasha Nyeke

natasha nyeke_edited.jpg

Role at the Sid Youth: Counsellor 

Natasha Nyeke is a person-centred counsellor and experienced family worker who now specialises in working with Parents and adolescents. She has a strong interest in early attachment and how this impacts relationships throughout our lives. She is a BACP registered counsellor and works both online and face to face. Natasha has worked for West Sussex for the past 10 years and has also worked in children and has a wealth of experience working with families with multiple and complex needs and trauma.

Emma Smith

Emma S.jpeg

Role at Sid Youth: Programme Worker

The Sid youth supports everything I believe the local community needs. I’m so excited to be part of the team supporting young people and families to achieve their potential.


Over the last 6 or so years I have worked with young people who are: young carers, care leavers, in care, at risk of criminal and sexual exploitation, offenders, school avoidant, diagnosed with mental health or learning needs. I have seen the stigma associated with some of these areas and the gaps in support due to funding cuts. 


I am passionate about providing local young people with the support that is relevant to them, so that they can have the knowledge and confidence to make positive changes. 


I can not wait to be working alongside such a strong and passionate team! 

Lisa Collingwood-Turk


Role at Sid Youth: Programme Worker


I’m really excited to be one of the Programme Workers here at Sid Youth and be involved with the diverse and creative programmes on offer. I have been working with young people and their families for over 20 years. During this time I met and worked alongside Paul, Ryan and Emma and share their enthusiasm, vision, and passion in supporting young people from the local area.


I started my career working in a therapeutic residential unit for young people who had complex needs due to their life experiences. This involved building trusting relationships to develop their confidence and enable them to create positive changes and strive for personal goals and achievements. I personally also learnt a lot from these young people, and they inspired me to want to help families at the earliest point.


I then joined a Family Centre team, where we developed programme days to support families and co designed groups such as a Self Esteem group for girls. Later I joined the FIP team where I met Paul, Ryan, and Emma. Working directly with young people in dynamic ways is where I feel positive change can really stem from and I can’t wait to get involved in Sid Youth.

Scarlett Allan


Role at Sid Youth:
Administration Assistant

I was employed by the Sid Youth through the Kickstart Scheme and I am very excited to be a part of the team. As a young person, I have accessed the services the Sid Youth offers. I felt really supported and I am very thankful that I was able to have first hand experience before I started working for them, as it gave me a real understanding of their mission. My role relates to the maintenance of our social media and web pages, whilst also assisting day to day duties and shadowing my colleagues - which has been very interesting!


I graduated with a Criminology degree in 2021 with a particular interest in youth crime and media, and the use of restorative/rehabilitative practices in relation to the Criminal Justice System. I believe what the Sid Youth contributes to the community is so important, and I am really looking forward to getting stuck in and meeting new people. 

Olivia Long

Profile image .jpg

Role at Sid Youth:
Social media + program assistant

I have joined the Sid Youth team through the Kickstart Scheme. I am looking forward to working alongside the team.

My role at the Sid includes maintaining all their social media platforms as well as their website. As well as supporting their social media, I help work alongside my team with everyday tasks and shadow their roles within the team. I have loved working alongside my team and the young people we support. I hold a level 3 diploma in art/graphic design so being able to work on their social media and website gives me the chance to develop my skills. I am really looking forward to developing in my role and seeing what opportunities the Sid brings.

Ben Kydd

Ben's Profile.jpg

Role at Sid Youth:
Project Youth Worker

I joined the Sid Youth in September 2022 following on from my previous role of an Emotional Health Support Worker.

I am trained in Suicide Prevention, Motivational Interviewing, Diversity and Inclusion, MHFA and more. 


After 4 years of training and experience in Youth Support Work, I saw the opportunity to further develop myself in joining this amazing project that The Sid Youth is running. 


I have always had a passion towards working with young people and enabling them to achieve their full potential, as I believe the mental health difficulties and struggles they face in this current society is very much a result of them not getting the necessary support and care they need to become the best version of themselves. 


I love incorporating my sporting and musical background into my work, by utilising it to help engage, empower and inspire young people, and ultimately guide them into a personal world with more positivity and focus.


Long story short, I am here to support the next generation within this role, and help them have a little bit more happiness and self-belief in their lives!

Jack Mainstone

Jack's Profile.jpg

Role at Sid Youth:
Programme Lead


I have been working at the SID since January 2022 and have been working with young people for 7+ years in a variety of roles. I came over from the Youth Justice Service where I had the roles of case manager and then reparation officer. Before then I was working in a secondary school as a teaching assistant, cover teacher, alternative provision tutor and behaviour / progress mentor. I also spent a few years working as a family support worker for WSCC. I really enjoy working with young people and trying to give them a platform to succeed no matter what background they come from or what’s going on in their personal lives.

My passion for working with young people started when I returned from travelling the USA and didn’t want to go back into bog standard office work, I had a goal to make a difference in a career path I chose and following sports coaching in my education this felt like a natural next step. I like to see the positives in everyone, I strongly believe that behaviours are learned, and most young people are a product of their environment whether they choose that or not. Every young person has the right to be heard, listened to, valued, and supported which is what I set out to do across all of my work at the SID.

Some of my work so far at the SID has included 1-1 mentoring, lead on programmes such as our Ripple Effect Knife Crime workshop, Real Talk workshop and Girls only safe space. I have also organised and ran trips as well as worked through our holiday HAF programmes. I am very much looking forward to continue to develop myself at the SID which will hopefully allow us to continue to grow as an organisation and keep helping young people across our area. 

Mandy Trussler 

image (1).png

Role at Sid Youth:
Programme Worker


I have had a variety of jobs which have given me a broad range of skills. I have previously supported young people with complex needs and disabilities through the charity 'Scope' helping to improve their quality of life, I also have a broad knowledge of Special Educational Needs having worked in a school.  My real passion came from my role as a Detached Youth Worker  for Adur District Council back  in 2006. This enabled me to see young people in their own environment and support them when they didn't have anywhere to go. This started my interest and dedication to helping Young People and being their Advocate.  In 2008 I qualified as a Youth Worker NVQ level 2.    Since then I have specialised in safeguarding Young People. I worked in London for 10 years specifically working around Knife Crime, Robbery, Child Sex Exploitation and Criminal Exploitation.  This opened my eyes to the real issues facing young people and made me passionate to be their advocate.  For the past 4 years I have worked as a Designated Safeguarding Lead in a secondary school. This job has helped me to understand and establish relationships with teenagers who are aged 11-16 and the real problems they face.   I was able to face their challenges head on with the young people  giving them pathways of support and ways to speak to their parents which sometimes would have been too tricky, this sort of empowerment is very rewarding. I have also seen the true Mental Health crisis that Young People are facing and how this has increased significantly since we had the Pandemic and what a devastating effect this is having on the young people in our society.
My role at The Sid Youth as a Programme Worker allows me to work in many different areas with young people from supporting them 1-1 in the community to doing group sessions on Knife Crime  and also supervision work.  I am passionate to continue working and supporting young people in the Worthing area in order to fulfil their goals and overcome challenges in their lives.  I am very lucky to do a job I love. 


Young Person

“The sessions were fun and I learned a lot. I was not sure why school has put me forward for the sessions but am glad they did. It was really different to my normal school lessons.”

School workshop on exploitation


"Over the course of the last 5 years,  I have worked alongside Ryan on a number of projects within West Sussex.


Ryan is an amazing reflective practitioner who is always prepared to support children, young people and their families.


Ryan is able to remain calm and clear in many different situations. He is highly resourceful and can create new and exciting

ways of working."

Group Development Worker, Adolescence and Family Resource Service


"Thanks for all the help. He is doing well and has not been in trouble. He is going to basketball and cadets regularly and is not getting in to trouble at school."

Young person supported on a one to one basis

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