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Who are we?

The Sid Youth has been established to offer a variety of support to young people throughout West Sussex. We explore the areas of need to benefit the young people and the community. 

What is the 'bridge' mentoring?

The program offers one to one support to young people. The sessions will explore barriers to returning to school. The bridge programme aims to 'bridge' the gap for young people with school and services.

Why is it needed?

We are aware that pre COVID many young people struggled with their attendance and wellbeing and that with the pandemic young people are experiencing many new difficulties which is impacting on them and is likely to continue to impact on them in the future. School services are stretched and other support services having high waiting lists meaning young people are often unable to get the support they need at the time they need it.

The benefit mentoring includes: 

  • Increased participation in academics

  • Better grades 

  • Higher aspirations for the future

  • Involvement in and care for their community

  • Improved interpersonal skills 

  • Stronger relationships with parents, teachers and peers 

  •  More involvement in preparing for college and their future

  • Avoidance of drugs and alcohol 

  • Enhanced self-esteem and self confidence

  • Healthier lifestyle choices

What will young people get?

Each individual will work one to one with a mentor. they will receive 10 sessions which will include:

  •  Exploring and identifying the barriers preventing them in getting to school

  • Sign posting and referring to other specialist services

  • Creating a personalised plan with both short and long term goals 

  • A positive role model to talk to outside of school staff

  • A bespoke well-being pack built around their interest. This can include support in attending activities outside of school(gym, boxing, basketball and more.) The well-being packs will also include activities that can be done at home

  • Support in managing and improving their well-being

  • Help provide some structure

  • Advice and guidance around topics impacting on the young persons life.

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