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Who are we?

The Sid Youth has been established to offer a variety of support to young people throughout West Sussex's and surrounding areas. We explore areas of needs  to benefit both, the young people as well as the community.

What is beyond the gate mentoring?

A mentoring project for young people identified as being in need of support to make positive changes and to help reduce risk to them and the community.

Sessions will be strengths based and we will look at any barriers stopping positive change. we will explore the risks short & long term of poor behaviour. we will do this by supporting them to engage with other specialist services and introducing them to positive activates within their community.

Who is beyond the gate for?

This program is aimed at young people between 11-16 who are coming to the attention of other services due to their behaviour either within school or out in the community. services may have concerns around them being exploited or at risk of being involved in criminality.

Why is it needed?

We are aware that many young people struggle with their behaviour both in school and outside a school setting. Due to covid-19 pastoral teams within schools are having increasingly high demand for their support for their students and with other support services already extremely stretched we want to provide a responsive service in a timely manner for those not being reached.

Want to know more?

This program can be tailored to suit the needs of your young person. 

Please contact The Sid Youth via email or phone for more information:


Phone: Paul Read 07889077392

What will the young people get?

Each individual will work one to one with a mentor. They will receive a a minimum of 10 sessions*which will include:

- Exploring and identifying their strengths and areas of improvement.

- Creating a personalised plan with both short and long term goals.

- A positive role model to talk to outside of school staff.

- The offer to access localised group activities built around their interests. This could include support in attending activities outside of school(gym, boxing, basketball , and more)

- Supporting in managing and improving their confidence, self esteem and control.

Help provide some structure, routine and boundaries.

- Signposting and referring to other specialist services.

- Advice and guidance around other topics impacting on the young person's life.

The sessions will use the solution focused approach to support the young people in creating a personalised plan. The plan will explore the issues they are facing and short and long term goals will be set to help build and sustain positive change. The mentor will help the mentee to explore existing strengths as well as looking at areas that have been identified to need some change.

Each package in bespoke to the individual needs therefore we advise a minimum of 10 sessions, additional sessions can be requested at a additional cost as part of the funding agreement.

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