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Coping with Exams Stress

Exam stress is something near enough everyone struggles with. Working towards exams may cause stress and anxiety, however, there are a variety of ways to gain control over this in order to make your exam period an easier time!

 Have a look down below at ways you can reduce your stress and anxiety around the exam period, as well as useful links that can help you navigate round your exam stress...

Make a revision timetable and schedule some time to work for each subject - you could even colour code the subjects e.g. red = subject that needs more attention 

Try to eat a well balanced diet, this will help keep up your nutrition - blueberries are well known to be linked to memory, so why not try a blueberry smoothie!

If you're finding a subject particularly hard or enjoy revising in groups then you may find attending an after school revision group useful - especially as a teacher will be there too and may have extra advice for the exams

Exam Stress:

What can help?

Try not to compare yourself to others, it may be hard not to but remember you're the one sitting the exams...not them

It's important to try and get a good nights sleep during the exam season as you'll need to rest your brain as it will be working very hard!

It is also useful to communicate your stress and anxieties to people - families, friends, teachers, anyone! You never know, someone may be going through the same and you might be able to help one another, whether that be emotionally or with a certain subject!

Help websites for students...

Help websites for parents ...

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