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Services we offer and why:

The Bridge Mentoring 

The Bridge Mentoring programme delivers one to one support to young people struggling with their well-being. The mentor will work with the young person to look at areas they need support in and help them create a plan around improving and maintaining well-being.


Why are we offering this?

We are aware all young people can struggle with their well-being at times and the impact of COVID-19 on young people's lives is likely to lead to more young people struggling at times. We are currently working with five school who have identified young people who would benefit from this support.


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Real Talk

School Workshops 

This is a six-week programme delivered in schools. The sessions focus on educating young people around issues including exploitation, positive friendships, anti-social behaviour, homelessness, substance use, modern day slavery and knife crime.

Schools identify the pupils whom they feel will benefit from the sessions and the programme takes place in school during lesson time. The programme is often delivered in partnership with other relevant specialist services.


Why do we offer this?

This intervention covers topics that are not generally covered in the school curriculum. The aim is to educate the participants around the topics using a variety of different tools. What they learn will not only help keep them safe but also their peers as we'd be asking them to spread this knowledge to others.

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Beyond The Gate Mentoring 

Education around issues including exploitation, county lines, anti-social behaviour, positive friendships and any current issues impacting on young people can be discussed in the sessions. Personalised plans involving the management of emotions and dealing with the stresses of day-to-day life so that the young person feels more capable and confident in dealing with these challenges.


​Positive activities will be used to help improve confidence and provide new opportunities, which may include sessions in an activity with an external service such as the gym, music sessions, boxing, basketball, etc (subject to availability) .

Why are we offering this?

We are aware that young people face many challenges in life and that at times support is needed. Our mentors will build up a positive relationship with the young person and support them in identifying existing strengths as well as providing a safe space to talk. All young people are at risk of exploitation and we are aware just how quickly things can escalate. The aim of the mentoring is to support young people in identifying the signs of exploitation and them being supported in making positive changes.

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Ripple Effect

A 5 week knife crime education programme including

the virtual reality experience

"Virtually There

Session 1: A look into knife crime.

Session 2: Push and pull factors of knife crime.

Session 3: "Virtually There

" VR experience and reflection.

Session 4: The Ripple Effect. A look through the VR film but through

different eyes.

Session 5: Carls Story: A talk through lived experience.


Why do we offer this?

We offer this as we are aware of the statistics in the Adur and Worthing area, and with young people having more access to social media, we need to inform them and raise awareness of knife crime. 

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"Working with Ryan helped me and was fun. I enjoyed talking and being able to say what i was feeling. School has got a lot better but i still find it hard sometimes"

Young person

"Paul Read has worked with a number of our most vulnerable students.  His work has had a real impact on their attendance and engagement in school, in addition to their behaviour outside of school.  The effect he has had is invaluable, as he makes a real difference to the young people he supports."

Pete Byrne - Headteacher  

St Oscar Romero Catholic School

We work in a proactive way in order to make sure we are offering services that can not only benefit the young people we work with but also support the community and the families they live with. 

We continue to capture the voice of young people and use this information to create programmes that meet this need.

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